Ghostly History Of Great Hay

Things That Go Bump In The Night

There are a few things happening at Great Hay that have staff and guests looking behind them as they walk through the buildings and grounds of this hotel.

Going all the way back to the priory monks and beyond there must have been many incidents in the Hay house that left an imprint for future generations to feel.
The lady in the black dress with white head gear and pocked face is a regular visitor or resident of the house and hotel at Great Hay.
Centuries ago priory monks used the land as an enclosure (hayye) for deer, a word shortened to Hay in later years?
Complaints about the smell of tobacco in the house rooms draw puzzled looks from staff who know it would trigger smoke alarms in the house. Abraham Darby 2nd was an avid pipe smoker and some times a whiff of tobacco can be scented in what was his home!
Did you know that Abraham Darby 3rd was married to Rebeca who died in the house from a disease that scarred her body and face!

Coming soon… Do not wedge that door open!

Do Not Wedge That Door Open!

Leave open the door in a certain room and scary things happen!

Any attempt to keep the door open results in heavy slamming and re-opening of the door, repeating many times …

So scary to watch the light switch going up and down without the light going on and off!

The bed will shake as if someone at the bottom is shaking it to get the sleeper out of bed ….