It really is drying out!


It is drying and here are some pictures showing  it.

wet 1 A wet clay core taken from the 6th fairway on Thursday 11th, you can see the hole cutter slit before it seals up again!

A core taken 5 days later from the same area. wet 2

The slit can be seen but also … fissuring in the clay caused by the hole cutter because the clay is dryer than the week before!


The 8th fairway is now walkable but the first picture shows what it was like on January 7th.

7th January 2016   8th fairway

The second picture shows how much the hole has dried and it is now almost playable so lets hope there is none of the rain forecast for Wednesday!

Now that the greens staff can get heavy machinery out on the course the fallen trees are being removed. tree fell       bunker

A picture of the 17th greenside bunker, part of the recent bunker edging programme.