May Medal Results


The May Medal proves again that the course is still playing tough as we enter the last week of the month!

With 59 players, the CSS at 75 it is the highest recorded at Telford Golf Club.


The tough test has led to playing handicap cuts for James Christian to 5 — Zac Morris to 8 — Andy Halliday to 13 and Clive Tommy to 9 and Stan Mumford to 25.


James Christian won division 1 with a nett score of 69 with Warren Hadley 74 and Mark Wait 75 in 2nd and 3rd places.

Division 2 winner Zac Morris scored 70 to leave Andy Halliday 71 and Clive Tommy 72 as the nearest players to his score.

Stan Mumford continues to show his improving game by scoring 69 to leave P.J Roberts 75 and honorary member John Smith 77 behind his 6 under the CSS mark of 75.


There were four players who scored a two , with none in the first division.

They were Neil Groves (hole 11) Zac Morris (hole 11) Derek Baines (hole 3)and Clive Tommy on holes 7 and 11.

Next week it is The Masters when all past trophy winners will compete for this very grand trophy, it is also another Medal!