Order of Merit (June 13th)

Some fantastic performances from individuals in the last 3 weeks. The order of merit has been updated.

Nigel Saville continues his dominance of Div 1. Sean Gregory has moved up to just below the qualifying spots after a good win in the June Medal. Andy Palmer has been promoted to Div 1 and is also currently in the qualifying spaces. (he was in the lead in Div 2). With his new handicap will he be able to keep up his form ??

Zak Morris has also been promoted to division 1 due to a handicap change. This now leaves Tim Pearce in the lead in Div 2. Alan Whitehead jumps up to third spot after winning the Masters. Well done also to Neil Grove who despite only playing in three qualifying events is currently in the fifth spot.

Division 3 has not altered much. Sam Pitchford continues with good form and constant point accumulation. Kevin Mackensie is now into the final qualifying space courtesy of consistent point accumulation from playing in each event this season to date. Ethan Lin being a Junior so not eligible for qualification in this division bit does deserve recognition for the consistency he is playing with and a handicap that is falling.

Full tables are listed here.

Div 1

Div 2

Div 3