This years trip to Okehampton was organised by Garry Pound, and went down well, so let’s start by saying thank you to Garry.

We were accommodated in two hotels, those with female companions were in the Manor and the unaccompanied males, were in the Ashbury. After breakfast each day we joined up for the golf.


Those accommodated in the Ashbury hotel all arrived early so were able to have lunch at the cost of £5, very good value. It was still too early to occupy our rooms so we went and played the first 9 holes on the Willows par 3 course.

Once settled into our rooms and a walk around it was time for dinner, mountains of food available with a good choice of puddings. Some of us from the Ashbury hotel went and played the back 9 holes on the Willow’s before attempting to play snooker.


Started with a good choice of breakfast followed by getting buggy’s and playing the back 9 holes on the Pines course & the front 9 holes on the Ashbury course. The courses themselves were good but the greens were in a poor state which spoiled things a little but conditions were the same for everybody.

The winners were

1st      John Partridge 32 pts.

2nd    Garry Pound     31 pts.

3rd     Roy Morgan      30 pts.

More food,  snooker, darts, 10 pin bowling and indoor bowls completed the day.


This was the Kigbeare course. Again the course was very interesting and in good condition. The greens were better than  Tuesdays but not as good as Great Hay’s greens.

The winners were

1st  Dave Miller          32 pts.

2nd Brian Ward         31 pts.

3rd John Partridge    29 pts.


This was on the Oakwood course. Again the course good, greens better than Tuesday.

The winners were

1st   Reg. Groves / Dave Miller   65 pts

2nd Brian Ward / Phil Rock      61 pts.

Thursdays dinner included a free bottle of wine. Friday tee times were available if wanted but most of the Ashbury hotel crowd decided that as the greens were so poor they would leave early.

Derrick Bains did not get into the golf prizes but found £5 in the car park on arrival so he didn’t miss out all together.