Order Of Merit (25th August)

Div 1     Div 2     Div 3

Only 3 events left to play in the order of merit. A few changes happening in each division for the qualifying places and points are tight. Nothing is concrete on the winners of each division either.


Division 1. Div 1

Nigel Saville is still in the lead. Andy Palmer and Chris Bufton are making a push to finish in the top spot also. Dave Kearsley moves into the qualifying spot on the back of a couple of good results while Warren Hadley and Jaz Christian have dropped out. Sean Gregory is not far behind in 8th place and is actually only 175 points away from 3rd position. This really is a close run points race. Who would you have your money on ???

Division 2. Div 2

Chris McGivern has leapfrogged from 3rd place to 1st courtesy of his second place finish in the August Stableford. Overtaking Dave sharp now in 2nd and Tim Pearce 3rd. Kieran Morrow is in 4th Place and Mick Houlston is 5th. Neil Grove who was only a couple of weeks ago was in the qualifying spots now finds himself in 13th Place. There are less than 400 points that separate him from a qualifying position. Mick Cooper, Mark Jones (Japs), Clive Tommy, Alan Whitehead, Doug Stoddart, Dave Worton and Brian nice all sit in the places in between.


Division 3. Div 3

Sam Pitchford has been replaced at the top of division 3 by Pete J Roberts. This is in part due to Sam only playing in 2 of the last 7 events in the Order of Merit. Highlighting the importance of playing in as many events as possible. Stan Mumford is in 3rd and less than 100 points off top spot. Michael Bufton and Carl Garbett make up the final 2 qualifying places in this division. Keven MacKenzie has played in each event this year and due to this consistency finds himself just outside the top 5.