Is our Drainage Working?


We have not been able to mole drain this year but we have spent a lot of time earth quaking 7 holes and putting a trench on the 17th hole.

On Monday our rain gauge measured  47 mm of rain on that day,  the equivalent of 36,190,000 litres (over 7 million gallons) of rain falling on our course.

It was closed on Tuesday.

But the down pour that would normally have closed the course for up to a week or more was sufficiently dispersed to allow the course to re open on Wednesday!

Proof that our work is having some effect?

There was a little ponding on the worked holes and that has been noted for future assessments.

The sight of surging water that we saw in the trench left of the 17th hole was almost unbelievable?


Open the video to see the surge.