The trenches of Pashendale!


An understatement! The course is very muddy around the trenches up the 14th and across holes 4 and 5.

We have jumped the gun a bit here by trenching before the drainage pipes and gravel has arrived with the result that the work has subsided in places meaning we will have to run the trenching machine over the area again.

But if you look you will see the water running in the slits so at least we know it is going to work when connected to the main drains, one of which you can see running if you look near the conifers on the 14th hole.

The earth quaking we did in the summer has resulted in dry fairways on holes 4 – 5 – 6 and near the green on the 7th but has failed spectacularly on the 2nd hole showing a need for herring bone drainage here!

We have until the end of April to continue drainage work after which the course will be got ready for the summer months.