What is Happening Now


Apart from the gales from the Doris storm that has kept the senior golfers at home this Thursday other things are still happening!

Cheaper than American Golf Shops!

In the shop is a deal to look at …. For an outlay of £60 the member golfer only who only plays with the expensive titleist pro V1 golf balls can, for a short time take 1 dozen balls, a titleist one cover umbrella and a quality micro-fibre golf towel home with them.

No expense spared!

We all know how wet our course becomes in the winter but we are working towards lessening the impact on our winter golf.

The summer earth quaking has alleviated the drainage problem a little but is is a fact that a lot more work needs to be done to reduce the compaction of the clay surface. At a cost of over £5K we have taken delivery of drainage materials to enable us to continue the trenching programme that will enable us to mole drain and earth quake areas more effectively.

The driving range that  needs re-furbishing is to have new mats – nets – yardage markers – range balls etc at a cost of over 9K will make the place look more attractive if we have learned to control grass retention on the range teeing area more effectively. A computer generated teaching area is also to be situated in this area.

The Golf AGM is Friday of this week in the golf bar commencing at 7:30 pm, try not to miss this meeting!