Academy Winter League


Week 21 of the Winter league has been played and now there is only one game to go before the Summer series begins.

The summer series will see more match play events played over 9 holes, designed to allow players to meet other academy members as well as their normal playing partners and to increase competitiveness.

The winner of the winter league is Ben Steventon who cannot be caught at this late stage of the series.

With three more places to be decided there is still plenty to play for with Harry  BriceBrodie Miller and Djalece van der Merwe coming up on the rails!

Nobody is going to catch Ben Steventon in the Par League having amassed 20 pars with Brodie Miller his nearest rival collecting 13 pars.

Brodie Miller’s name crops up again in the Birdie League along with Teigan Mackenzie and Djalece van der Merwe.

Warmer days are getting nearer ……..