Start Times Captain v Pres


Saturdays 4 ball matchplay — Captains team named first

7.34 Captain and D.Millward  V President and B.Devey

7.42 G.Mumford and S.Mumford V Dutch and K.Mackenzie

7.50 S.Lester and M.Cooper V Z.Morris and T.Pearce

7.58 D.Baines and B.Murray V S.Stack and G.Heighway

8.06 K.Morrow and J.Christian V J.Wolfe and T.Hayward

8.14 P.Roberts and J.Gregory V N.Saville and D.Pountney

8.22 C.McGivern and B.Garbett V P.Lloyd and C.Garbett

8.30  K.Heath and P.Mathews V D.Miller and J.H.Smith

SUNDAY Singles Matchplay —  Captains team named first

7.26 Captain V President

7.34 S.Lester V Z.Morris and M.Cooper V T.Pearce

7.42 D.Stoddart V D.Miller  and ??? V  J.H.Smith

7.50 I.Ward V E.Duggan and A.Whitehead V B.Devey

7.58 K.Heath V J.Wolfe and K. Morrow V K.Appleby

8.06 P.Roberts V N.Saville and J.Gregory V D.Pountney

8.14 B.Garbett V S.Pitchford and J.Hollins V C.Garbett

8.22 D.Baines V Dutch and B.Murray V S.Stack

8.30 P.Mathews V G.Heighway and G.Benning V W.Hadley

8.38 A.Dunn V A.Heath and C.McGivern V A.Halliday

8.46 D.Millward V T.Hayward and J. McGowan V P.Loyd