“Seniors Blog”


What is a “seniors blog“?

It has been noted that zero content is placed on the seniors web page so it has been muted that we should use it in the form of a blog, (where every senior member can add any story  … fantasynews or just get something off their chest!

An idea would be to hold a quick web blog training session after one of our Tuesday and Thursday games.

So here is the first “BLOG”


from Ralph …… 

I did not mean it when I said Robin and Dennis were dropped from the team after losing at The Wergs this week!

We all know Mike is a good golfer so I was joking when I implied that he was not!

But I thought it was funny!

Those comments took place at the lunch table after we had made a very creditable draw away at The Wergs, a very pleasant course to play I found, maybe that was because my partner and I won!

Why did so many players walk off during that little shower on Thursday?

Next blog from me  …. during the war .…..