Seniors blog ….. are you having a laugh!


Is someone having a laugh here! 

I have just looked at the friendly fixture list for 2018 which shows we are to play 10 fixtures against 5 different clubs!

Now, having witnessed shocking turn outs last year who really thinks we can put 12 players together for each of of these events?

Perton Park in May …. The Wergs in July and September ….. Worfield in July, 3 weeks of the month ….. Caulderfields and Oxley Park in August! that’s 4 weeks in a holiday month …..


So have we got the players to put out a team….. it will be interesting to find out!

Don’t lets talk about the Ladies match, we only managed to find 5 players to play them this year, so that’s definitely a none event.


This blog blatantly points out that while we can get more than 12 to play our Tuesday and Thursday games very few are prepared to support the club in the friendly matches.

Email me if you think you know how we can get people to play in them.

GIVE ME 12 NAMES for Perton home Thursday 3rd May and away Tuesday 29th May!

Player 1… Ralph Williams …


  Ralph ……………