Seniors Blog ….. You don’t have to be a golfer!


 Sorry Dougie, but I have it straight from the shop!

You can wear this type of sock even if you are not a golfer. Claims to the contrary are therefore  unfounded!

I have learned a bit about myself today also! Should have stopped at home with my swing! hearing aids are no good if you have nothing between them! ….. thanks partner.

 Peter Lovatt won today with 30 points while the Pres was collecting 6 blobs on his way round.

Peter’s handicap took a knock with his score.  Nigel Ambrose came in second to win 3 golden nuggets while  Gary Pound won one of them. Tuesday’s game was won by the Pres nudging  Dougie Powell into second place. Needless to say he was not impressed!


 Pres …