Competition Results

Gentleman – Sorry for the delay in getting these results listed on the web site. There is a reason and this will become clear in the coming months. We are looking at doing a website redevelop and thought that this would be done sooner and that the results would have been loaded onto that. As it stands there is a delay. additionally all content can e transferred over anyway.


08-04-18 twos

15-04-18 twos

20-05-18 twos

22-04-18 twos (peter wyatt)

29-04-18 twos (april medal)

medal results 3 divs 29-08-18

peter wyatt trophy 22-04-18

stableford results 3 divs 08-04-18 non qualifier

stableford results 3 divs 15-04-18 non qualifier

stableford results 3 divs 20-05-18 qualifier