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This Tuesday has seen us play one of the obligatory medal competitions for 2018 with 22 players taking part.

Even the little hitters are bashing it 250 yards off the tee in these  hot summer conditions with major trouble for the shots hit off line.

Stewart Glass  won this week with a net 68 … 7 shots better than second placed Pres.

It’s been a while since the last post thanks to some R & R but that has not stopped the dummies  being thrown out of the prams!

Although Doug Powell came close by none returning after 1 hole (no change there) he was beaten to the dummy by John Christian who insisted on throwing his driver at his buggy after a bad drive, if the author threw his club after a bad shot he would have run out of clubs a long time ago!

But the race for the dummy title still leaves Gary Pound ahead, with Reg  right behind him!

The Dummy Race!

Gary Pound 2Reg Groves 2Roy Morgan 1 P. Lovatt 1 John Christian 1

The red hot favourite for this title has been omitted from this list because he would get it almost every week!


 Pres …..



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